Has your app development stalled ?

Get your team on track with rapid skills and experience transfer from our founders.

September 4th 2017, London, UK

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Do you have a business goal, but are unhappy with the time it takes?

Does your team have the experience to build world class apps that stand out and scale ?

Does your team have skill, but less experience ?

The App Blueprint. A two-day workshop focussing on the the right way to build and scale an app business.

Get your team on track with rapid skills and experience transfer from our founders.


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Don't just take our word for it:

"Although we had done market research for our product and an audience existed for it, this became a problem as we thought throwing money at engineering would get the app to market quickly. After we got funding we decided to have a ‘hands off’ approach by using a pro app agency, they got the app out on time but when the code was handed over to us we discovered that we had no idea what was going on, the code was unscalable and we spent a lot of money getting another developer ‘up to speed’ "

"Looking at apps in the appstore that were similar to what we wanted to build, we started creating mockups in Photoshop. When these were shared with the developer he didn’t have any questions for us so I thought we had ‘nailed’ it. However the subsequent builds that were shared with us didn’t have the animations or seemed flat, we spent a long time in meetings thinking and discussing about these. We found out that app made no sense once it was on the device, the flow was difficult, convoluted and very hard to use. We should have planned out in greater detail from the outset these intricacies."

"Using an existing app in the app store as our design basis fundamentally became our downfall, we should have built an app that proved our idea worked instead of over stretching resources to make a specific design , if you’re going to use anything as a point of reference it is much better to use an app such as the apple contacts app which is ultimately very simple and your users users already know how to use it."

"We should have hired a developer right from the start, instead we built the API and  hired a designer to draw  some designs in photoshop first. When he did join, development took far longer than expected and turning the designs into an app seemed like it was difficult, The problem here was that the designer and myself  had made assumptions about what could be built and the complexity without involving the developer."

By attending The App Blueprint Workshop your team will have a clearer product definition for this and future iterations, as well as a set of tips and tricks to save time, improve productivity and reduce project cost.

"Francis is best known for some of his self developed apps that were highly successful during the early stages of the App Store in particular one of the top grossing Torch apps in the App Store. Francis has spent the last 9 years creating apps exclusively for the iOS and macOS platform for the world’s most successful apps.”

Francis Beasley

"Daren has been involved in mobile app development since the year 2000 when he started creating apps for the first wave of mobile devices such as Palm and Symbian, he too was lucky enough to jump onto the iOS bandwagon early on and has specialised in helping large companies and founders solve real problems with apps. Daren has a passion for the Lean Startup methodology and applies those principles to developing apps."

Daren David Taylor

  • First To Market Whitepaper
    First To Market Whitepaper

    Jumping onto the bandwagon is a much maligned term. App marketplaces can reward those that take advantage of new software technologies and taking advantage of hardware.


Please feel free to contact us if you need to discuss whether The App Blueprint will be a good fit for you or your Team.





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"Excellent at communicating technology at a non-technical level"

Joe Purcell, Spota

“You really saved our life! Did a great job. We will keep testing the app this week and hopefully make it ready for a release."

Mahfuz Haque, Holstein

“Very grateful for your valuable contribution .Good luck, Scott”

Scott Davidson, Vouchercloud